Beauche International Exfoliating Cream

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Why exfoliate your skin in the first place?

Exfoliating is actually a key piece of a good skin care routine and has all sorts of benefits you're probably not aware of. 

Here are five good reasons to exfoliate your face... tonight! 

  • It makes your skin smoother. - it makes your skin silky to the touch because it eliminates the old skin cells on top.
  • It helps counteract signs of aging - the more older skin you're getting rid of, it gives more youthful look
  • It can stop breakouts - it makes your face cleans and unclogs your pores which prevent you from getting pimples.
  • It good for skin tone - it makes your skin tone brighter and evens out.
  • It helps your skin care products work better - since exfoliation eliminates dead skin on top, it helps your skin care products to penetrate deeply and work better.