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Detangling Wide Tooth Comb

The Best Darn Wide Tooth Comb. Period.

Tangled hair becomes frizzy hair and in order to avoid frizz, you must first detangle your hair.   Miss Jessie’s Curl Detangling Comb TM is designed to do just that.  The extra-wide tooth detangling comb is specifically designed to allow you to comb through and detangle your hair without combing out your curls completely.  Here’s how.  Apply a deep conditioning treatment to your damp (not wet) hair and rinsed most of the deep conditioning treatment out,  then ever so gently run the Curl Detangling Comb through your hair section by section.  After you have detangled your hair, apply your favorite Miss Jessie’s styling product to maximize and enhance your curls.  Allow your curls to air dry or for extra curl power use a blow dryer and Miss Jessie’s DeFrizz Diffuser TM for the best darn frizz-free curls.  Period.    

Tender loving care instructions: after every ten uses, wash the Curl Detangling Comb with warm water and a mild detergent. Allow to air dry.