Green Peeling Oil

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Why wait for your peeling oil to take 10 business days to ship to you from the Philippines???

We order our peeling oil from a reputable manufacturer in the Philippines, we have them in stock in the USA, no need to wait! All orders ship within 1 business day. Instructions is attached to the listing as one of the photos. please print it and have it handy

Green Peeling oil gently peels the skin after only a few days of application, revealing a younger, finer, softer, and lighter skin, upon peeling. It lightens minor skin imperfections including shallow scars, dark spots, freckles, age spots, and other minor skin problems.  Additional peeling sessions may be performed if you wish to lighten or smoothen your skin further.

Helps relieve...
Acne Scars
Oily Skin
Large Pores
Dark underarms, bikini line, elbows etc.
Rough Skin
Dead Skin
Acne/Pimple Marks
Stretch Marks
Uneven skin tone
Sun Damaged Skin
And other skin imperfections
The ingredients of our Green Peeling oil is Propylene, glycolic acid, Saccharum, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Multifruit Acid Extract, Salicylic Acid
 Please it is best to research before you buy any peeling oil!! due to individual skin type, the results will differ, please follow instructions included with the order.
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