Original Glutathione Gluta Skin Whitening Soap Bars w Oatmeal

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*Direct from the Philippines & made with all natural ingredients.  No hydroquinone, mercury, or harsh chemicals.

*Clears skin while gently lightening.  Good for creating a flawless skin tone of people with sun spots, freckles, or various skin pigmentation through out the body. Long term usage may also reduce age spots and skin imperfections.

*Created by a cold process method to ensure valuable nutrients are retained. Ideal for most skin types.  Achieve flawless, blemish free, whiter, smoother & younger looking skin in no time.  Feel the difference on your skin on first use. Try it and see visible results in days!!!

*This soap also has added Oatmeal which has long been known to reduce acne, remove dryness & moisturize when applied to the skin.  It also has cleansing, and skin brightening properties.