Original Kojic Acid Soap Bars Skin Whitening

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*Direct from the Philippines.

Kojic acid soap is used as a skin lightening agent for people who may have sun spots,freckles and other forms of pigmentation on their face,hands and neck.


Using Kojic Acid Soap on a regular basis may help reduce the appearance of age spots, eliminate or reduce freckles, reduce or eliminate skin discoloration from pregnancy and strengthen cell activity. 

The soap is used by many Japanese men and women as part of their facial regimen so that the skin stay soft and vibrant.

*Organic.  Made with natural ingredients including papaya.

*Clears skin while gently lightening.  Good for evening the skin tone of people with sun spots, freckles, or various skin pigmentation through out the body. Long term usage may also reduce age spots and skin imperfections.

*Kojic Acid has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties providing a whole host of skin and health benefits.