Original Madre De Cacao Soap Bars Skin Whitening

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-Anti mange (galis)

-Anti fungal

-Re-grow hair loss

-Removes ticks and fleas (garapata at pulgas)

-Relieves itch and flaky skin

-Treats smelly coats

-Treats infected cuts

-Treats rashes

-Softens skin and fur

-Prevent bacterial and viral infections

-100% pure and natural.

Madre de cacao is a natural remedy use for more than a decade. It use to treat severe cases of mange (hair loss, itching, skin irritation) scabies (galis) foul odor

It is compliment by the action of guava extract to kill

underlying fungal and other infection and promote fast

healing. Moringa and neem aides in the relief of itchiness at the same time nourishing the skin. Aloe vera contains active compound that reduces pain and inflammation (soothing effect) and later generates skin growth and repair.

*Direct from the Philippines.

Please note that because these are fresh stock that ship in every week, some soaps might come to you with a dent, this is a testimony to the freshness of the product. Please note the updated packaging

*Organic. Made with natural ingredients including papaya.

*Clears skin while gently lightening. Good for evening the skin tone of people with sun spots, freckles, or various skin pigmentation through out the body. Long term usage may also reduce age spots and skin imperfections.

*Kojic Acid has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties while the glutathione is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, & mineral oil, providing a whole host of skin and health benefits.